Milkcow Vintage Magazine (UK):
"Produced and recorded by the band, it's a very solid album, featuring all original material.

"All the songs here are first rate and varied. It also takes you back to the good old vinyl days, a feeling reinforced by the Side A and Side B on the back cover.

"Their sound mixes rockabilly with rockin' blues and the result is sure to appeal to fans of Lee Rocker, the Nervous Fellas and most of all, the early Paladins. In addition you'll also find more country oriented stuff like 'Nagging, Nagging,' Latin beat 'Latina Tina,' and a Chuck Berry meets Link Wray and Duane Eddy instrumental 'Rhythm Rustlers.'

"No rockin' album would be complete without a rockaballad and Boyce's 'The Last Petal' perfectly fills this void."

Blue Suede News (US):
"They Shuffle (Hot Rod Guy), Swing (Juke Joint Jumpin'), play that skipping Rockabilly beat (Nagging, Nagging), Boogie (Road King), and generally touch all the bases while mixing the grooves and tempos well.

"They've got a slow kind of stripper beat to 'Your Love,' 'Rhythm Rustler' is a new Duane Eddy style tune, and they get into a Latino groove on 'Latina Tina.' 'The Last Petal' is a slow dance number - the sort of thing that was an absolute requirement for a band back in the '50s. An impressive debut, and I look forward to more!"

Colorado Music Buzz (US):
"What a great group of friendly and talented musicians. You can hear an influence or Roy Orbison and Jerry Lee Lewis in their vocals and music. This group not only plays this time period well, but also looks the part; from pompadours to the carefully chosen clothing, they are genuine. These guys are on the rise.

"'Juke Joint Jumpin' and 'Hot Rod Guy' are catchy rug ripping songs. The album has variety and range; this is sure to be an instant favorite."
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