Juke Joint is a three-piece Rockabilly band. Rockabilly was the first wave of Rock & Roll that originally came out of Memphis with artists such as Elvis, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins.

This music caught on in other parts of the country such as Texas where Buddy Holly emerged as a star. JJC plays all of these great artists and revival bands such as the Stray Cats. Chuck Berry is also a favorite the band likes to play.

Juke Joint Cruisers takes the audience back to a great period in America when times were simpler, less crowded and people came out and danced to this red hot music on Friday and Saturday nights. Make no mistake, this is no "doo-wop" group. The boys not only play the music authentically, but look the part as well with vintage instruments, dressed with an authentic look and slicked back pompadours. There will be no question what kind of music Juke Joint Cruisers will be playing for the evening.

The band released a CD of all original music in January 2011. Music from that CD has been used on area radio stations and has been reviewed by American roots music magazine Blue Suede News, European roots magazine Milk Cow and European Rockabilly website Jumping from 6 to 6.

Juke Joint Cruisers have been in existence since about 2009. Throughout the years the band has played numerous car shows throughout Colorado and Nebraska as well as well-known Rockabilly venues in Denver such as the Skylark Lounge, Rockabillies and even played a show at Herman's Hideaway and countless private events including national conventions. Currently, the Cruisers play mainly outdoor concert events and private parties throughout the region. Anyone who has booked the band will tell you not only was the music top notch but the professionalism exhibited by band members from dress to appropriate language on and off stage to very moderate alcohol consumption and how easy they were to work with. The band can provide a show from 1-3 hours. Rockabilly is timeless music that doesn't put anyone off. Country music fans enjoy it as well as fans of various Rock styles. The music is also very family friendly so folks never have to worry about inappropriate language or subject matter that exists in other musical styles.

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